Lactation Visits

1:1 support in-office or home visits. This is best for individualized care. We will review your breastfeeding history, observe and assist with a breastfeeding session, pumping session as indicated, evaluate and make an individual care plan with recommended follow up.  Be sure to check your insurance coverage through The Lactation Network as your office visit may be covered 100% Check here

If you desire a home visit, an additional travel/ convenience fee will be applied. The travel fee is not reimbursable or covered by The Lactation Network. Home visits are available on a limited basis in central Maui, south Maui, north shore, and west Maui.  

We have recently added an additional visit type called position and latch with lactation educator, Jami Lehman.  These visits are ideal for when you need some guidance and direction in the breastfeeding process, or some fine tuning but are not having big problems.  The price point is lower than with an IBCLC so it may be a great starting spot for you! She is offering in office as well as in home options!


Are you covered by insurance?

Check here before booking to see if your lactation consultation is covered by your insurance!” (HMSA PPO, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna)


Educational classes

Prenatal Breastfeeding Preparation- This class is intended for mamas-to-be, who are still pregnant. Your chance to prepare for breastfeeding and tips to help get breastfeeding off to a good start! This is a 2-hour, hands-on, interactive class. 1 support person is welcome. A minimum of 3 participants is needed to run a class. This class is either taught by Natalie, IBCLC, Pahnelopi (IBCLC in training), or Jami, LEC. 
Classes are listed on the calendar when booking and are usually about every 6-8 weeks 
Jami has also added on a preparing for postpartum class as well as a childbirth class.  These two classes are a great addition to our breastfeeding class.  If you can, sign up for all three! 

Neuroposturing + Breastfeeding

Work alongside Natalie with Maui Breastfeeding Support and Dr Molly at Living Adjusted to get lactation and chiropractic care for your baby at the same time. It really is the best of both worlds! We specialize in babies with oral and body restrictions.  
Please inquire privately to either Natalie or Molly for scheduling and pricing 


“Natalie was amazing!

I was hesitant at first to seek help but she was extremely patient, supportive and she was able to help me through my breastfeeding experience. She made me feel very comfortable and I feel like I learned so much from her home visit. She was just the right amount of professional and personable. I felt like she really cared about me and my baby.

Would definitely recommend to anyone who’s first time mom or feels like they could use a little extra help and/or support.”

Sherron K
“The breastfeeding class with Natalie was wonderful, well thought out and extremely informative. She was very well educated in her craft, welcoming and knowledgeable.

We 10/10 recommend working with Natalie in any capacity!"
Jasmine L
Natalie provides in-depth knowledge about breastfeeding and illuminates with passion through her service. Her impact in our community will ripple effect in generations to come.

Mahalo nui Natalie!
ʻEleu N

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